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On April 14 2011 this company towed my wife's 1996 Honda Civic (FMV241) allegedly at the request of the city of Winnipeg parking authority. The problem is that it is our claim and supported buy the facts is that the car was in fact not parked improperly and that it appears that there is a financial motive for this company to practice predatory towing.

My wife did not observe any signs telling here that this was a no stopping zone. My wife could have been easily notified that here car was allegedly illegally parked but by doing so would have cut into the profit of the towing company so my wife and our handicapped daughter went out to locate there car and were panicked to find out that it was gone. After finding out after an hour of inquiring the car had been towed. I called the Dr Hook towing Company and the women I spoke to lied, was rude, disrespectful and dishonest.

She at first told me that the car was not there then after I told her that the police said it was there the story changed. This lie was told to me to keep the car there longer as to accrue more charges. Clearly another attempt to extort more money from my family.

After I complained about this she told me that I had no right to complain.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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